Cherni Ossum Village Museum of Natural History

The village of Cherni Ossum is located on the two banks of the Cherni Ossum River, at the foot of Mt. Goljam Koupen and Mt.Vassil Levski. The sky above the village is home of a large number of eagles – therefore the eagle has been chosen to be the symbol of the village of Cherni Ossum and have been placed on top of a monument at the entrance of the village. 

The Museum of Natural History in the village of Cherni Ossum is one of the main tourist sites in the municipality area. The museum was initially created by a Biology teacher from Troyan. The exposition of the museum today features a rich collection of animal species living in the region – over 1200 kinds of birds, mammals, amphibians, reptiles and insects. The village offers an original beautiful collection of over 2000 old photos presenting the centuries-old history of the village.

You could also visit the Serekovata Kushta House-Museum located in the very centre of the village, where art works by some of the most talented Troyan artists are exhibited.